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The Greatest Fighter to have Ever Lived 2.0 (Fedor / Фëдор)

Uploaded on May 13, 2009
Updated version: This one included the Randleman slam, as well as a few other small differences.

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Fedor Emelianenko. Фëдор Емельяненко.

A tribute to the most dominant fighter in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

Professional Record of 30 - 1 - 1*

*Single loss was because of a cut by an illegal elbow in 17 seconds of the first round to Kohsaka. The rules stated that if blood was drawn, then it counts as a loss. Fedor was unphased, and didn't seem to notice the cut. He can be considered undefeated.
*70% of Fedor's victories have ended in the first round.
*Fedor is 7- 0-1 against former UFC Champions

6x Russian Sambo Champion
4x World Sambo Champion

Champion July 19, 2008 - present WAMMA World Heavyweight Championship
Champion March 16, 2003 - ca. March 2007 Pride World Heavyweight Championship (Held until Company was purchased)
Winner 2004 Pride Grand Prix Tournament
Winner 2002 Rings Kings of Kings Tournament
Winner 2001 Rings World Class Tournament

Wrestling Observer Newsletter 2005 Shootfighter of the Year
Sherdog.com 2005 Number-one pound-for-pound Fighter in the World
Sherdog.com 2005-2008 Number-one Heavyweight in the World
Yahoo! Sports Number-one MMA Fighter (July—November 2007)
Inside MMA Number-one MMA Fighter of All-Time

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